Tunes to relax, tunes to excite, tunes to meditate...a little bit of everything.

Disclaimer: Some of these recordings are of rather dubious quality - but don't let that mess you up.

Original Compositions
Description Composer Artist Published Size Download
Saigo - Japanese for "finally", as everything finally comes together at the end of this piece. Ben Lee Synth 01.08.05 12KB MIDI
Chococo - Revel in retro game music with this blast to the past! Ben Lee Synth 01.08.05 8KB MIDI
Simple Duet - The content here is strongly implied by the title. Ben Lee Synth 05.17.04 5KB MIDI
Toccata and Fugue - Inspired by the soundtrack to "Zombies Ate My Neighbours" and spun off Bach's great Toccata and Fugue. Ben Lee Synth 05.17.04 14KB MIDI
Forest Samba - Quirky, yet with a cool jazzy samba beat for the last few seconds of the song. Ben Lee Synth 01.07.04 4KB MIDI
Flowing Piano - A simple, reflective piece. Ben Lee Synth 01.05.04 3KB MIDI
Alligator - Ahh...reliving the carefree days of junior high. A bit of an eclectic work so those with less adventurous tastes might want to avoid this. Ben Lee and Chaz Rogers Ben and Synth 01.05.04 576KB MP3

Description Arranger Origin Artist Published Size Download
Rurouni Kenshin Overture - A slightly more moody yet still beautiful and simple song. I promise I'm done with these for now. :-) Ben Lee Kenshin Ben Lee 01.12.04 1.80MB MP3
Her Most Beautiful Smile - Another simple yet beautiful piece. Ben Lee Kenshin Ben Lee 01.12.04 2.01MB MP3
Kaoru to Misao - Simply a beautiful, mellow piece. Ben Lee Kenshin Ben Lee 01.07.04 1.60MB MP3
Groove - A kickin' tune arranged from a Demo for a piece of music software. Ben Lee CEP Synth 01.07.04 863KB MP3
Windmill - You can really see the windmill going around in your head as you listen to this one... Chaz Rogers Zelda Ben and Chaz 01.06.04 946KB
Water Waltz - Another classic, same idea. Chaz Rogers Mario Ben and Chaz 01.06.04 2.12MB MP3
Water Theme from SMW3 - A classic; anyone who's played this Mario game will immediately feel a strong kick of nostalgia in the gut. Chaz Rogers Mario Ben and Chaz 01.06.04 2.81MB
Tifa's Theme - Another touching character theme by the one of the greats in VGM composition. Ben Lee Nobuo Uematsu Ben and Chaz 01.06.04 2.04MB MP3
The Play from FFVII - A humerous diddly that will probably be most appreciated by the people that have actually seen this part of the game. Chaz Rogers Nobuo Uematsu Ben & Chaz
Chaz & Chaz
01.06.04 2.32MB
Tetris C Theme - I don't think this one was Russian though. Chaz Rogers Tetris Ben and Chaz 01.06.04 1.67MB MP3
Tetris B Theme - I think this used to be a Russian song at one point. Chaz Rogers Tetris Ben and Chaz 01.06.04 2.58MB
Karkariko Village - A calm and relaxing song that might be familiar to some. Chaz Rogers Zelda Ben, Ben and Chaz 01.06.04 1.62MB MP3
Dark Mountain - A light hearted dungeon tune. Chaz Rogers Zelda Ben and Chaz 01.06.04 1.91MB Ver. 1
Ver. 2
Final Fantasy VII Main Theme - People who have played this game before will understand the simple beauty of this song. Chaz Rogers Nobuo Uematsu Ben and Chaz 01.05.04 1.89MB MP3

Description Composer Artist Published Size Download
Violin Concerto in D Minor, Op. 47, I. Allegro Moderato - One of my favourite violin pieces, a wave-riddled work filled with subtle colours and spiced by technical pizzaz. Jean Sibelius Ben Lee 11.29.04 17.68MB MP3
Sonata, II. Movement - What can I say about this one? It really exemplifies the Norwegian in Grieg...also somewhat reminiscent of his famous piano concerto. Edvard Grieg Ben Lee 01.07.04 5.21MB MP3
Prelude No. 2 - One of the acclaimed preludes from the jazz piano man himself. George Gershwin Ben Lee 01.07.04 3.18MB MP3
Roman Carnival - An interesting little piece from an equally interesting fellow. Hector Berlioz All-Northwest 2003 Symphony Orchestra 11.04.03 11.84MB MP3
West Side Story Symphonic Dances - An awesome piece of symphony work, including some solos from yours truly! Leonard Bernstein All-Northwest 2003 Symphony Orchestra 09.07.03 23.08MB MP3
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