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08.08.06 1213

The entire website has been configured with a security wrapper that can be activated via the padlock icon in the lower left corner of the page. When the icon appears as a locked padlock (Indicates a secure connection has been established), all communications between this server and your computer are encrypted, to protect any sensitive data that is being transferred. This feature is deactivated by default, since the encryption process is somewhat resource intensive and can cause the connection to operate more slowly.

This feature marks one of the final infrastructure upgrades scheduled to be implemented at this point in time. Stay tuned for new content, hopefully coming up within the next few years.

08.05.06 2110

Installed Dovecot mail server to replace the somewhat flaky and bloated Cyrus mail server. Promises better overall reliability and increased security thanks to the implementation of SSL authentication.

08.04.06 1151

Upgraded the server's CPU to an Intel Pentium III 933MHz. This should allow for snappier database performance and less maintenance downtime, thanks to the processor's vastly superior performance over the previously installed VIA C3 666MHz.

07.25.06 1954

I'm baaaack...

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