2005 News Archive


05.16.05 2332

Whoa, it's been a while! It has not been time taken in vain, as you might be able to tell from the beta implementaion of a BRAND NEW DESIGN! Spiffier, or no - you call the shots (please!).

02.14.05 2107

Swapped out some mediocre photos for a few better ones that I have taken recently. For some reason I'm still missing the relief from schoolwork which I had envisioned before winter break. I wonder if I'll ever finish restoring all the works that I previously had online... though to everybody waiting for the videos - they will be up soon.

01.25.05 2201

Photo hemmorhage alert! Added 60 new shots to the gallery. No more complaining about updates for a while -- it's IB assessment time! Enjoy...I still have a few hundred more older photos to sort through. =)

01.13.05 2217

Back again! Added a couple of new songs to the music original composition and performance sections.

The SpyEar Radio has been completely revamped. Instead of a single 96kbps MP3 stream, there is now a choice of 128kbps, 24kbps MP3 and 64kbps OGG streams. This should enable virtually everyone, on any connection (even dial-up!) to tune in at their leisure. This rewrite officially finalises The Tangent's nearly two year transition period to a homogeneous open source platform. The radio status page still needs a few more builds before it will return to its original functionality level, but what is currently there works well.

01.08.05 0136

Happy New Year! The news for AD 2004 has been kicked back and permanently archived, while a link to the presently virgin 2005 archive has been spawned.

Several pieces, both new and old, have also been uploaded to the writings section, including the return of the Rodgers Periodicals and the addition of several handy academic reference materials.

Enjoy...hopefully more will come soon!

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