2004 News Archive

10.08.04 23:35

Brushed up a few nagging problems in the navbar, including the addition of persistent navigation tabs and a fix for the button display on Mac browsers.

10.03.04 03:38

Ironed out a few aging bugs in the forum software and spiffed up the navbar a bit. Also added a few descriptors to the writing categories, and inserted a new reference category.

And to think, it was none other than history class which motivated this latest round of updates.

The USGS has 'upgraded' the condition of Mt. St. Helens to level 3, meaning that life/property-threatening danger is imminent. Here we go...

09.30.04 21:56

Mt. St. Helens Live WebCam

Will it blow? Let's hope not! Any downtime for The Tangent is bad time. =) Meanwhile I've delegated backup servers, just in case the worst does come about.

09.26.04 17:00

Dropped outmoded FTP support, as HTTP now supports all the necessary file transfer functions of this site.

09.22.04 16:34

Cleaned up the news archive and applied some more tweaks to the site rendering engine.

09.15.04 17:10

Finally squashed a rather persistant CSS bug which caused the navbar to display incorrectly in assorted browsers such as Opera, OmniWeb and IE5/Mac.

09.12.04 13:00

Added infrastructure network information to the server page.

09.09.04 19:45

Replaced the moire wave image previously at the left of the navbar with the new "official" logo of The Tangent. The favicon in your address bar should also reflect this change, if your browser supports it.

09.09.04 17:40

Tossed the admittedly lame louvred background image, and replaced it with a much more cleanly defined pair of solid backgrounds. For the internetwork challenged (dial-up users) this should also reduce load times a tad.

08.25.04 17:45

Reoptimised the workflow in some portions of the site and added many new wallpapers!

08.25.04 00.40.00

Updated the server page slightly, to reflect a few forgotten daemons and services. The 2004-05 schedule topic is alive and well, so if you're ready to begin another amazing school year just hop on in, post, and compare schedules!

07.15.04 01.00.00

Passed my CCNA exam with a 973! I am now officially certified to maintain this network.

In commemoration of this milestone, the radio quality has been bumped from 64kbps/22.0khz mono to 96kbps/44.1khz stereo. With the new bandwidth available this setting should provide excellent quality music without compromising playback under load. Enjoy!

07.13.04 01.10.00

Still alive.

In other news, the site's connection has been upgraded to ATM, which means 3x upload bandwidth for everybody! This will also hopefully mean a more stable connection.

05.27.04 21.40.00

Updated the server info with the more details about the software platform this site is running upon. Mail is now working as well!

05.17.04 16.00.00

Wow! I'm finally done with most of my IB obligations for the year! Thus, I celebrate by updating the site.

04.21.04 12.06.00

A few more design tweaks and... new content! Hopefully I'm done monkeying around with the layout for now, as I am generally satisfied with it (although if you are not be sure to leave a comment here). There are no more greyed out links in the navbar as the pictures category has now been constructed! As of now there is only a small (but containing a few of my favorites) collection of photos online, but that shall change, surely.

04.18.04 13.15.00

New background! Should take a whole lot less time for people on slow connections to load. With this, the absolute minimisation of the layout is complete. A few more tweaks done to the design as well. I actually did all this at around 0300 but woke up just now to realise it. Enjoy. Yes, I am still aware that I need more content.

04.18.04 01.35.00

Played around with the site design a bit, using some simple CSS tricks to make the pseudo drop-shadowed boxes. Finally got around to cleaning up the front page news, stashing it away in the archives that can be reached via the link located in the orange header bar. School is tiring and spring break doesn't seem to have helped much. Happily, only about two months left! Countdown starts now...

04.07.04 00.35.00

Still here! Just some quick catching up before I head off to bed. First off - IB therefore IBS. Been doing a lot of that lately, certainly, but not enough of what I'd like to do, such as this. However, I am well on the way to a revamp of The Tangent fashion line, which I feel reflects the new futuristic and minimalist design of the site better. Also, the media page is up, so be sure to check that out for some funny clips! Only two there at the moment, but more will appear as time permits. That's all folks; hope you are having as much fun as I am at the moment!

03.07.04 20.40.00

Added a new humorous writing! Whoo, alright, back to working on finals!

02.28.04 01.00.00

Bumped the quality of the radio from 40kbps to 64kbps. Hopefully this will make listening to the radio a more pleasureable experience than ever before.

02.26.04 20.30.00

Hello! I'm still alive and kicking - in fact, I just made an awesome biology page dedicated to gene therapy, so be sure to pop over and take three minutes or so of your time to become an expert on gene therapy!

01.20.04 23.55.00

No new content at this time, but a few kinks have hopefully been ironed out in the internal network, and there is a new "bonus" icon in the footer bar. Check it out.

01.15.04 15.30.00

Server OS has been successfully upgraded to FreeBSD 5.2 and numerous other updates have been applied to the various daemons! Everything looks like it is running well...tweaked the forums page as well.

01.12.04 20.20.00

Two new, beautiful arrangements up in the music page. Also updated some descriptions there (try all of them). Not much else to say in this early update. Enjoy.

01.11.04 01.21.00

On a roll with putting up content...writings page has now gone live, albeit slightly spartan and subject to some design revisions. Nevertheless, more stuff to look at all the same!

01.10.04 02.22.00

Games page and store page are now live! Not much content yet, but hopefully it won't stay that way for too long. Minor design tweaks applied site-wide as well.

01.07.04 20.35.00

Whoo, go "winter blast"! Unfortunately, it seems the extension of break is finally coming to an end, which is rather unforuntuate considering how productive I have been with the site during this extension. Oh well, just to round off the fun a few more songs added to the music page, which is becoming quite substantial. Also added a functional improvement, in the form of greyed out text for links in the navbar containing no content yet, so there shouldn't be too much disappointment caused by people finding a blank page.

01.06.04 15.00.00

A slew of updates to the music page made it online today (albeit lacking proper descriptions which will be added later), thanks to snow day number two! Can we make it to number three? We shall see...

01.05.04 22.25.00

New, improved banner and navbar is up! Subject to some possible minor improvements, but a pretty good picture of the final version. Content is also slowly but surely coming up. Happy Snow Day! (get the latest here)

01.01.04 02.20.00

Just in time for the new year, the site has now completed its trasition to a 100% pure CSS code base, with no latent javascript around to spoil the speed. All that's left now is a few more design tweaks and then...the content. What we're all waiting for of course. Also, new DB driven content pages are being planned, but it remains to be seen whether those will make it in time for the cut. Once that's done, The Tangent's transition to a completely legacy-free code will be complete! BTW, enjoy the New Year's commemorative background while it lasts!

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