2003 News Archive

11.18.03 01.00.00

Whew! Just had a nice invigorating site directory sweeping session! Everything should work properly now. There's just a few design kinks that need to be worked out before much more content is finally added. So far I've cleaned up many of the extraneous guide lines previously visible. Now it's time for me to off to work. Enjoy!

11.11.03 22.47.00

Sorry about the duplicated headers and footers...will fix with purging of file tree. On the bright side, the Windows Media SpyEar Stream has been fixed, so that it should cooperate with most installations of WMP and browsers.

11.04.03 00.50.00

Look! New server! An update! More details to come...

08.28.03 17.13.00

Back to work after a refreshing hiatus. The site's basic infrastructure and design principles have now been finalized. Click here if you are technically inclined and want more details about all that. The basic services such as The Forum and SpyEar are also up and running. All that's left is deciding upon a domain name for the completed site. :)

In terms of design, what you see here on the front page will pretty much reflect the overall styling of the rest of the site, unless something really amazing happens. At least minor uniformity will be gained from the use of CSS styles throughout all page elements. Finally, the content will grdually "happen", as time permits. Such is the joy of full-IB.

Keep watching this space for more info!

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